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What Is The Best Sugar Free Protein Bar?

Sugar Free Protein Bars

Protein bars serve to be a convenient option when you are on diet and feel the craving to consume something. The best part about most of the protein bars out there is that these are small and easy to carry anywhere. You can stash them up in your gym bag, at your office table, in your small travel bags, and almost anywhere –these can help you in satiating your emergency hunger effectively and with potential health benefits.

When you are out searching for the best protein bar out there, it is recommended that you should go for sugar-free protein bars. When you are up for dieting and focusing on your overall health, there is no use consuming a protein bar with high sugar content in it. It is just like your favorite candy in fancy packing. In order to ensure the health & nutritional benefits of the protein bars, you should aim at buying the ones that come with minimal or no sugar content.

Here are some of the best options that you can come up with when looking for the sugar-free protein bars out there:

  • Optimal Protein Diet Bars: These are specialized high-protein bars that are not only sugar-free, but also gelatin-free (an ingredient derived from animals). Each protein bar from Optimal Protein Diet Bars contains around 190 calories along with a minimal value of 2.5 total fat, including around 1.5 gram of saturated fat. These bars contain around 20 grams of high-quality proteins from soy & whey. These ingredients are responsible for offering each of the required amino acids as required by your body.


  • Chocolite High Protein Bars: The Chocolite protein bars from HealthSmart tend to be the ideal choice for those looking for smaller, healthier snacks as these weigh only around 34 gram and contain around 95 to 100 calories. Having around 9gram protein obtained from soy & whey, these protein bars prove immensely useful for increasing your overall intake of healthy, dietary fiber –a highly fulfilling nutrient.


Each protein bar from HealthSnart contains around 9 grams of fiber which sums up to around 36 percent of the daily value. The protein bars contain only 4 gram of sugar alcohols and come in a wide range of flavors including triple chocolate fudge, cookies & cream, chocolate turtle, peanut butter, and cashew caramel.


  • ThinkThin High Protein Bars: These might be good choices if you are thinking of trying some flavors that are not commonly found in other sugar-free protein bars. High-energy protein bars from ThinkThin come in chocolate covered flavors of strawberries, dark chocolate, chocolate espresso, lemon cream pie, tangerine creamsicle, and even white chocolate. Each protein bar from ThinkThin consists of around 230 calories along with 9 gram fat & 3 gram saturated fat. The bars have 20 grams of high-quality proteins derived from whey, soy, and caseinate proteins.

Look out for these high-quality protein bars with minimal to no sugar content! Another popular choice is that of Quest Nutrition Protein Bars. They come in over 20 flavours and each one contains less than 1 gram of sugar per bar! Want to know more about protein bars, fitness and nutrition plans – visit Supplements2u.